You can take her dignity, just don't touch her babysitter....           http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sitter/x/2281205                                   An award-winning screenwriter teams up with an award-winning director and his...wait for it...award-winning production company!Jennifer Harrison and LoveBar Productions has joined with Michael Miceli and Jersey Flix Productions. And they're going there."Sitter" is a dark comedy that explores the depths of desperation when a harried housewife faces the prospect of losing her babysitter, and the swift kick of karma when she tries to keep it from happening.
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    • Author: MorphMom

    • Posted On: February 08, 2013

  • Lisa's lense

     Kathleen Smith, the originator of Morph Mom, has got me hooked!!! I tagged along for an interview with my camera in tow and was totally inspired by what I witnessed. Please read on to see a few photos below from my first session and my take on the interview. ...  Egli is a proud mom of a 17 year old cancer survivor and an educator at Christo Rey High School in Harlem New York....      Please read on to see this wonderful woman as I have seen her..She is wicked smart, a dedicated mom,a passionate teacher and has a beautiful smile that lights up the room...     Quotes from Egli: “A friend once told me that while flying I should put on my oxygen mask first, before assisting my child.
    Lisa's lense
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  • The Incident

    Hands up MorphMoms, who loves Yoga?  I bet it's a safe assumption that a good number of you raised your hands (well, hopefully you didn't literally raise them, because...you know I can't really see you, right?).  Welp, I love yoga too. But today was the first day in 2+ years that I took a class.  It's been 2+ years since "The Incident"...aka "The Day The Yoga Died" (for me at least).  I had signed a year membership with the "It" yoga studio at the time, of Highlands Ranch the previous day.  I walked in that evening ready to begin my new life as a Zen, calm, "take it in stride" woman.  I was going to come back to my family, changed...shining from within...
    The Incident
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    • Author: Sue

    • Posted On: January 31, 2013

  • "Six Letter Word"

     "Six Letter Word" - A short film by morphmom Lisanne Sartor...Click on this link to see the trailer to the film: http://t.co/fXcgu4a8... The Logline...“Six Letter Word” is about down-on-her-luck, devoted single mom, Zoe who writes off her young son Jax’s crossword puzzle obsession to genius until an unexpected encounter makes her realize that Jax has autism and needs much more than she alone can give him....The Inspiration...When Lisanne first started writing “Six Letter Word,” it was about the day four years ago when her son was diagnosed with high functioning autism. She couldn’t get the images and sounds from that day out of her head.  The doctor’s nod after Lisanne asks the verdict.
    "Six Letter Word"
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  • Mom's First Children's Book

    Chapter 1: Ruthie awoke one morning to a mysterious noise. She turned to her left and she turned to her right but she could not locate the source. She looked under her bed and up to the ceiling and still could not figure it out. Ruthie finally climbed out of her bed - still wiping the sleep from her big brown eyes – and found her slippers and her glasses.  Then, she started to investigate.But no sooner had she started than Ruthie, still just a little too sleepy, tripped over something fluffy on the floor.  In fact, it was Fluffy, her most favorite stuffed animal, who had recently disappeared. Elated at Fluffy's return, she completely forgot about the mysterious sound that had brought her out of bed in the first place and began playing old familiar Fluffy games.
    Mom's First Children's Book
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  • My Hero

    In 1943 my grandfather, a radio operator of a B17 , was shot down during a mission over Germany.  The plane exploded but all members of the crew managed to escape.  My grandfather landed in a tree,was injured, but managed to escape at night and attempted to swim to the safety of France.  As he emerged form the murky waters, he was greeted by none other than a Hitler youth who held a gun to his face and smiled as he said…"FOR YOU...the war is over!" My grandfather was taken prisoner and brought to the war camp, famously known as Stalag 17, where he would spend the next two and a half years of his life.Back in the states, in Fair Lawn New Jersey, Jeanne Fleming, a few months pregnant at the time, waited patiently for her husbands safe return home.  Unfortunately, the news she received was as far from that as she could have ever imagined.
    My Hero
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  • Thanks Morphmom

    Kathleen-Thanks so much for starting this website. It’s come at a perfect time in my life. I've been doing the hardest job for which I've ever been "hired" for 3 years now- being a stay at home mom. After my previous two jobs, that of a Marine Officer and then founder of a non-profit, I thought this "time off" would be fun, easy and relaxing. I realized it’s the first job I've been in that is NOT a meritocracy. It can be relentless and exhausting, and I sometimes feel very underappreciated, but it is also the most rewarding thing I've ever done. That said, my little pretties are growing up and ready to get into a structured environment. Easy, now all I have to do is find a job. Wow, didn't realize that would be so difficult this time around. I find myself driving kids from one place to another, dreaming about that perfect job.
     Thanks Morphmom
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  • All in a day's work

    Well HELLO again to all you perfectly perfect, impeccably dressed, fresh from the salon haired, professionally done make-upped Mommies that I always seem to run into at the supermarket when I'm looking my worst!  It's me, Sue! You know, the wrath of god look alike with the sweats and baseball cap? So yeah...about today. I'm well aware that you noticed me (and not because I was selected to receive a Regis and Kathy Lee Make Over). I've finally made peace with the fact that I'm (cringe, wince) NOT 35 anymore...ok, nor do I fit into the age group of 36-44. At 45, I've learned to embrace my 1.75 drugstore cheater specs. I marvel at the super absorbancy of my wafer-thin pads which allow me 60+ minutes of "dry" Tae Bo.
    All in a day's work
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    • Author: Sue

    • Posted On: December 06, 2012

  • Welcome to MorphMom!

    At first glance, I am a 43 year-old stay-at-home mom. In truth, if not in reality, I am an attorney, an author, an actress, a singer. How to make what's true real?I wake up every morning with grand plans. I need to get started immediately! I may end up on on Good Morning America. I need to do this immediately. Got to fire off some emails, make some phone calls. Schedule meetings. What will I wear?And then as if a sudden storm has knocked out the electricity, I realize that it's 6:45 AM and my son will miss the train if we don't leave in 5 minutes. And he is still asleep. What will I wear? Looks like my pajama pants. Again.But, if I'm honest, is it really the demands of motherly responsibility that cause me constantly to put my grand designs on hold? Or is it the complete and utter lack of confidence and direction that a decade of tending to those demands has produced.
    Welcome to MorphMom!
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    • Author: MorphMom

    • Posted On: November 25, 2012

  • Stand Up for Yourself!

    I've been recruited as a blogger for reasons unbeknownst to me, by my sister in law, who has just launched MorphMom.com.  She wants me to start to collect all of my writings and post them...but here's the deal...I've been using facebook as my forum to bitch, moan, giggle, flat out GAFAW, gossip, weep, sob, fume, vent, accuse, deny, call out, embarass, educate, validate, idolize, fantasize, gratify, mortify, sanctify and even crucify my "Issue De Jour" and believe me my pets, there is an issue for every "jour on my infinite and on-going list of "Things That Aren't My Bag", Punctuality continuously hovers at the top. That being cited, I received a call this afternoon,from Owen's 1st grade teacher (no, not protecting her real identity), Mrs. Jones.
    Stand Up for Yourself!
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